Summer Faculty Fellows

HRI’s Summer Faculty Fellowships are designed to help faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign maximize the summer in service of their ongoing professional development.


  • Nir Ben-Moshe (Philosophy)
    “Idealization and the Moral Point of View: An Adam Smithian Account of Moral Reasons”
  • Eda Derhemi (French and Italian)
    “Endangered Arvanitika in Zeriki, Greece”
  • David O’Brien (Art History, Art and Design)
    “The Cult of Napoleon in Material Culture, 1815–1848”


  • Christopher Kempf (English)
    “All These Ithacas” and Local Color
  • Magdalena Novoa (Urban and Regional Planning)
    “Wounded Landscapes: Race, gender, and grassroots preservation in Wallmapu”
  • Andrea Stevens (English)
    “Racial Masquerade and the Caroline Court, 1625-1649”


  • Jose Atiles, Sociology
    “Puerto Rico is Open for Business: Exceptionality, Financialization and Colonialism”
  • Honaida Ahyad, Linguistics / Translation Studies
    Translation of Manahil Sindi’s novel Nisf Estiwa (Half-Cooked), from Makkan into English
  • Carolyn Fornoff, Spanish and Portuguese
    “Subjunctive Aesthetics: Mexican Culture in the Era of Climate Change”
  • Craig Koslofsky, History
    “The Deep Surface: Skin in the Early Modern World, 1450-1750”


  • Tamara Chaplin, History
    Desiring Women: Female Same-Sex Intimacy and the French Public Sphere


  • Justine S. Murison, English
    American Hypocrisy: The Politics of Privacy in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature
  • Anke Pinkert, Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Remembering 1989: Future Archives of Public Protest and Assembly
  • Carol Symes, History
    Mediated Texts and Their Makers in Medieval Europe


  • Jessica Greenberg, Anthropology
    Ghosts in the Machine: Rights, Sovereignty and (post)Institutional Crisis in Europe
  • Junaid Rana, Asian American Studies
    The Life of Dada Amir Haider Khan
  • Emmanuel Rota, French and Italian
    Laziness: A Modern Myth