Voices of Memory Project

HGMS Presents: Voices: Memory As Connection

Voices tells some of the stories we’re living, and it starts by asking, what would you like to share?” -Azlan Smith, 2021-2022 HRI Public Humanities Fellow

This completed project was performed on March 25, 2022. You can view the video below.


Voices of Memory aims to create a meeting place where we can see each other and hear how our stories intersect and interact. The thirty-minute script includes stories, questions, and answers from people in Urbana-Champaign as they explore the different ways that memory lives inside their lives.

Three students performing in a classroom

Supported by HRI and HGMS, this performance was free and open to the public, and started with an introduction from facilitator and Public Humanities Fellow Azlan Smith.

In partnership with the Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (IRAI), Azlan Smith is now facilitating another Voices project for Fall 2022. This project explores how different people see agriculture, land use, food systems, and regenerative agriculture, and will be performed at the 2022 ISEE Congress. If you’d like to collaborate, please use this form by July 1, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Azlan Smith.

You can also read an excerpt from the 2019 performance, Voices: Being.