Space Usage Agreement & Guidelines

Levis Faculty Center is happy to make rental spaces on the second, third and fourth floor available to the campus community.


  1. Arrangements for the use of space must be made in advance. Only the specific space assigned to your event by building management staff is authorized for use. This includes open lobby areas during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm)—events and attendees should be contained to reserved rooms at all times, including breaks.
  2. Requests for room arrangement setup/cleanup and use of materials in addition to the space itself (including chairs, tables, and other equipment) must be made in advance and should be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the event. If these requests are not communicated in a timely manner, room arrangements cannot be guaranteed and overtime F&S rates may apply. In special circumstances, the requesting unit may be responsible for the physical set-up of the facilities.
  3. Event times must be confirmed when making the reservation; building management staff will make arrangements to have the building unlocked during the times of the event.
  4. If the event will include the serving of alcoholic beverages, you must use a TIPS- certified, insured pourer at the event. At least one week in advance, you must forward, for building management files, a copy of the alcohol permission form approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Director of Auxiliary Services for your event. See the campus alcohol use policy and procedures. 
  5. If the event will be catered, you must use an approved university catering service. See a list of approved university catering services. The Levis facility is not able to provide tables for catered events, except under limited circumstances. Please note there are no resident tablecloths or table skirts available for use; these must be provided by you or the event caterer. Set up and cleanup of equipment and food should be scheduled with the caterer and must be communicated with the IPRH Client Relations and Special Projects Coordinator.
  6. Levis Faculty Center waives the space usage fee for campus humanities units. You will be responsible for any cleaning charges if your event serves food of any kind (whether catered or carried in). You will also be responsible for charges incurred in the event of extraordinary setup requirements that require an F&S work order (as determined in advance). Cleaning rates are approximately $30/hour per worker, but are subject to workflow. Overtime rates may apply.
  7. If the event requires the use of AV equipment (projector, displays, microphones, etc.), you must return these items to their proper place and turn off all electronic equipment. HDMI and VGA connections are available. Please note that Mac users should bring their own adapters, as Levis cannot provide them.
  8. Reservations of event space in Levis include only the space being reserved, and A/V equipment as listed on room descriptions. Levis CANNOT provide items such as laptops, laser pointers, serving ware, plates, napkins, bottled water or refreshments of any kind, etc., so please plan accordingly.
  9. Please do not affix anything to the walls, windows, or doors, by any method.
  10. Please keep in mind that Levis Faculty Center is not able to provide security for your event, and there are no security personnel in the building at any time, including evening and weekend hours.
  11. Units using space through Levis Faculty Center must provide an account number and the signature of a contact person for the event. Any damage to the space or the materials in that space will be charged to that account number, over and above cleaning and/or setup charges.
  12. Kitchen area is available for professional caterers only; no refrigeration is available.
  13. Levis Faculty Center observes a priority scheduling period for the building’s tenants. Therefore, reservations can be made but will remain tentative until they are officially confirmed on July 1st for the following academic year.
  14. Reservation cancellations should be made at least two weeks in advance. Cancellations made within two weeks may result in a cancellation fee of part or all of space usage fees and F&S fees, when applicable.