Current Research Clusters

Research Clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from the University of Illinois campus who work together to explore particular questions or subjects in the humanities and arts.

The following are the Research Clusters that have received funding from HRI for the 2021–22 academic year.

The “Animal Turn”


  • Jane Desmond (Anthropology)
  • Jamie Jones (English)

Big Tech, Information, and Society


  • Nikki Usher (Journalism)


  • Cabral Bigman-Galimore (Communication)
  • Stewart M. Coles (Communication)
  • Jacob Fisher (Advertising)
  • Carl Gunter (Computer Science)
  • Eva Maslowska (Advertising)
  • Emily Van Duyn (Communication)

Critical Interventions in Labor Studies


  • Emily E. LB. Twarog (Labor and Employment Relations)
  • Stephanie Fortado (Labor and Employment Relations)
  • Augustus Wood (Labor and Employment Relations)

Environmental Humanities


  • Robert Morrissey (History)
  • Rebecca Oh (English)
  • Pollyanna Rhee (Landscape Architecture)

Medical Humanities


  • Stephanie Hilger (Germanic Languages and Literatures)
  • Justine Murison (English)

Cosponsored by the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Russia and the Global Color Line


  • Eugene M. Avrutin (History)
  • Valeria Sobol (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

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