Current Research Clusters

Research Clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from the University of Illinois campus who work together to explore particular questions or subjects in the humanities and arts.

The following are the Research Clusters that have received funding from HRI for the 2022–23 academic year.

The “Animal Turn”


  • Jane Desmond (Anthropology)
  • Jamie Jones (English)

Central Asia Research Cluster


  • Joseph Lenkart (University Library)
  • Eve Rogaar (History)
  • Katherine Ashcraft (Information Sciences)

Environmental Humanities


  • John Levi Barnard (Comparative and World Literature)
  • Pollyanna Rhee (Landscape Architecture)

Medical Humanities


  • Stephanie Hilger (Germanic Languages and Literatures)
  • Justine Murison (English)

The Social Lives of Digitized Culture


  • Zoe LeBlanc (Information Sciences)
  • Ryan Cordell (Information Sciences)
  • John Randolph (History)

Writing Critical and Intersectional Biography


  • Brett Ashley Kaplan (Comparative and World Literature/ HGMS)
  • Amy L. Powell (Krannert Art Museum)

Writing From the Intersections


  • Karen Wickett (Information Sciences)
  • Sarah Park Dahlen (Information Sciences)
  • Melissa Ocepek (Information Sciences)
  • Chris Wiley (University Library and Information Sciences)


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