Current Reading Groups

The following faculty and graduate student reading groups meet regularly throughout the year and may organize public events on topics of interest to a broad range of disciplines.

Please contact the reading group organizers (listed below) directly for more information about the groups and their activities.

Adaptation Studies Reading Group

Meg Cornell, Department of English / Medieval Studies

Fiona Hartley-Kroeger, Department of English

Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary network for scholars engaging with adaptation to connect with one another and to share their interests, methods, and research. Possible topics include retellings and receptions of fairy tales and mythology in children's books, comics, fiction, film, video games, and other media; literary reimaginings; fanfiction and fanart. Readings may include Linda Hutcheon, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, and other criticism and fiction relevant to participants' interests, especially foregrounding queer and postcolonial work.

The Future of Trauma and Memory Studies

Sana Saboowala, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

John Slattery, Germanic Languages & Literatures

This multidisciplinary group will meet regularly to discuss readings in the fields of trauma and memory studies as well as our own works-in-progress. Readings will explore several relevant areas including affect theory, neuroscience, media and visual culture, disability studies, transnational and postcolonial populations, as well as the politics of memorialization and cultures of law. We will also organize public events on campus related to our key themes including film screenings, professional panels, and interactive readings. Visit the Future of Trauma and Memory Studies reading group web page.