Training in Digital Methods for Humanists Fellowships

The third and final cohort of the Training in Digital Methods for Humanists (TDMH) project—which was funded through the Investment for Growth Initiative via the Office of the Provost)—convened in 2020–21 under the direction of Dr. Judith Pintar (Teaching Associate Professor, iSchool) with support from Saniya Ghanoui (PhD candidate, History).

Like everything else that year, the TDMH Fellows’ meetings happened in the Zoom room, where they were able to experience and engage with a variety of resources related to digital humanities (DH) on campus and to present their emerging work to each other, in the company of their TDMH mentors.

Though TDMH is coming to an end, it continues in spirit and in practice through the DH track of the “Study in a Second Discipline” program in the College of Liberal Arts and Science (contact: LAS Associate Dean Clare Crowston).

If you are interested in hearing more about the experiences of all of those who were involved in TDMH during its pilot phase, you can access the project's rich archive.