Current HRI Campus Fellows

2022-23: Un/Doing

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Faculty Fellows

Janett Barragán Miranda (Latina/Latino Studies)
“Hungering for Equality: The Community of Mexican-Origin from Post-WWII to Civil Rights”

Yuridia Ramírez (History)
“Indigeneity on the Move: Transborder Politics from Michoacán to North Carolina”

Deena Rymhs (American Indian Studies)
“Putting back together: re-worldings in annie ross’s Pots and Other Living Beings

R. Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada (Latina/Latino Studies)
“Intersectional Justice Denied: Racist Warring Masculinity, Negative Peace and Violence in Post-Peace Accords El Salvador”

Emma D. Velez (Gender and Women’s Studies)
“Orienting Historias: Unraveling the Coloniality of Gender through Las Tres Madres”

Damian Vergara Bracamontes (Gender and Women’s Studies)
“The Administration of Illegality and Mexican Migrant Life”

Graduate Fellows

Dilara Çalışkan (Anthropology)
“World and Kin Making: Family, Time and Memory among Trans Mothers and Daughters in Turkey”

Nicole Cox (Anthropology)
“Re/Moving the State: Multiple Productivities of Embodied Practice in Indian Diplomacy”

Daniel DeVinney (Communication)
“The Post-Racial Imaginary: Visual Logics of Race in the Obama and Early Trump Eras”

Kadin Henningsen (English)
“Biblionormativity and Trans* Capacity: Gender, Race, and the Material Book in Nineteenth Century America, 1840–1910”

Jessennya Hernandez (Sociology)
“Mycorrhizal Assemblages: Everyday Latinx Strategies and Embodied Feminist Knowledge”

Lingyan Liu (History)
“Just Call It the Noise: Chinese Opera and the Sounds of China in Race-Making and Modern Citizenship, 1850s–1930s”

Amanda Smith (French and Italian)
“21st Century Black Beauty Resistance: Collectivism, Individuality, and In/Visibility in Black French Women’s Body and Hair Representations”

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