Current HRI Campus Fellows

2021-22: Symptoms of Crisis

Faculty Fellows

John Levi Barnard, Comparative and World Literature
“The Edible and the Endangered: Food, Empire, Extinction”

Anne Burkus-Chasson, Art History
“The Oddity of Chen Hongshou: A Telling Sign of Seventeenth-Century China?”

Eleanor Courtemanche, English
“Fragile Capitalism: The Long Afterlife of Victorian Crisis”

Carolyn Fornoff, Spanish and Portuguese
“Mexican Culture in the Era of Climate Change”

Bruce Rosenstock, Religion
“Flesh of One’s Flesh: A Black Hebrew Theology of Kinship”

Sandra Ruiz, Latina/o Studies / English
“Minoritarian Pedagogy: Psychoanalytic Affections in the Space of Aesthetics”

Emily E. LB. Twarog, Labor and Employment Relations
“Hands Off: A History of Sexual Harassment Resistance in the US Service Industry, 1936–2020”

Graduate Student Fellows

Joseph Coyle, Anthropology
“Queer Pentecostal World-Making in an Uncertain Brazil”

Megan Gargiulo, Spanish and Portuguese
“Race, Gender, and Recogimiento: Discursive Representations of Space, Sexuality, and Productivity in Late Colonial Mexico”

Erin Grogan, English
“Cruising Dystopia: Queer Futurity and Toxic Temporalities in the Anthropocene”

LeiAnna X. Hamel, Slavic Languages and Literatures
“Undisciplined Bodies: Deviant Female Sexuality in Russian and Yiddish Literatures, 1877–1929”

Lilah Leopold, Art History
“Countering Apocalypses Then, Now, and Tomorrow: Land Use, Resource Extraction, and Contemporary Art” 

Sarah Marks Mininsohn, Dance
“Performance Nests: Choreographing Frameworks for Instability and Contamination”

Jessica Witte, English
“The Fasting Girl: A Literary, Digital, and Medical History of Anorexia from the Novel to the Clinic (1740–1900)”

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